Welcome to the Environmental Law Seminar

This year's Environmental Law Seminar will focus on global warming and climate change.  We will watch films, read books, and analyze the most important judicial decisions on the subject.  These materials will allow us to study the problems created by greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the possible ways of addressing these problems, from a diversity of perspectives.  The readings and other materials will include domestic and international law, and will include science, economics, journalism, and other disciplines.  

A principal purpose of the seminar is to read and discuss whole books.  We do a lot of reading in law school, but we seldom have time to sit down with a book and evaluate its thesis and conclusions.  In this seminar, we will read in the way that normal people do (perhaps as you used to do yourselves before coming to law school).

The seminar also has a writing component.  You may write a series of short papers on each of the topics we study in class or you may write a term paper.  Only the term paper option may be used to fulfill the College‚Äôs upper-division writing requirement.

This class also is the culminating seminar for the new Environmental Law Concentration.  Successful completion of this seminar fulfills that requirement of the concentration.  The seminar is open, however, to all interested students.

On these web pages, you will find the syllabus, class assignments, discussion and paper topics, news updates, and links to other resources.

Environmental Law Seminar

University of California

Hastings College of the Law

Professor Brian E. Gray

Fall Semester 2014

Mondays: 9:40-11:50

Room 307B

Office Hours: By Appointment

198 McAllister Street, 2nd Mezzanine, Room 216

(415) 565-4719